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Global Health Initiative Awards

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Feinberg’s Global Health Initiative (GHI) supports global health education for Feinberg medical students and residents who display an interest in global health and working with underserved populations in resource-limited settings.  GHI accomplishes this by supporting the travel expenses of Northwestern medical students and McGaw residents so they may pursue away-rotations and other global public health projects in underserved areas abroad. The Global Health Initiative is generously supported by Northwestern Medicine Primary and Specialty Care (formerly CLSMA), its patients, and Feinberg’s donors.

For a complete list of the Feinberg School of Medicine’s international affiliations and partner universities, health clinics and INGOs, please visit our medical education home page.

Award Amount

$1,500 – $3,700

Any Feinberg medical student in good academic standing and McGaw resident who wishes to complete a rotation at one of the affiliated FSM universities or clinics or at unaffiliated universities, clinics, or non-profit organizations that are approved by FSM and the Center for Global Health are eligible. Medical students are encouraged to identify high-quality global health rotations/programs at universities and organizations that provide health care in a sustainable and ethical environment. The Global Health Initiative applies only to rotations/programs in resource-limited settings.

FSM students are eligible to receive a maximum of two GHI awards over the course of their education at FSM.

The GHI award is contingent upon each student’s satisfactory participation in FSM’s required pre-departure preparation and evaluation process developed by the Center for Global Health. The full process is outlined CGH’s pre-departure preparation page, but it includes three in-person meetings/seminars, an online orientation tool, registration for travel insurance, and submission of the FSM travel waiver and personal health form. Failure to actively participate in and complete the pre-departure preparation process can result in revocation of the award and possible cancellation of the away-rotation at an FSM partner institution.

Rolling admissions but a minimum of 60 days prior to travel and 90 days for unaffiliated sites.

Funds are available for individual students or for medical student organizations, depending on the location, project, or rotation period.  GHI applications are accepted on a rolling basis and must be submitted 60 days before the date of travel and 90 days for unaffiliated sites. Students who apply for GHI funds on or after their date of travel will not be considered.

Award recipients will be notified within 21 business days of application submission. Any further questions can be directed towards Natalie Sheneman, Center for Global Health at natalie.sheneman@northwestern.edu or (t) 312-503-8804. Students may not receive funding from more than one source for the same rotation/project at Northwestern University or Feinberg School of Medicine, including but not limited to the Feinberg International Health Fellowship, the Department of Family Medicine, The Graduate School (MPH program) or the Feinberg Travel Award. Students may apply to other FSM funding sources for other unique rotations/projects.

Travel funds may not be deferred and must be used for the intended request listed on the application within that academic year. Students may not receive funding to destinations with a travel warning issued by the U.S. State Department.

The online application will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete once the materials described below are prepared. It is recommended that applicants prepare their answers and materials before beginning the application.

Please note: Students who plan on applying to an unaffiliated university, clinic, or organization should still complete the Center for Global Health application for global health rotations.

Items to prepare in advance:

  • A copy of your resume/CV
  • Please prepare an itemized budget with your application.  Students may use general estimates for airfare, housing, immunizations, visa fees, etc… General estimates are acceptable,   Please see the Budget Resource Guide for more specifics.
  • Ability to concisely explain the type of experience you will have through one or more of the following competencies:
    • Patient-Centered Medical Care
    • Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    • Medical Knowledge and Scholarship
    • System Awareness and Team-Based Care
    • Personal Awareness and Self-Care
    • Community Engagement and Service
    • Continuous Learning and Quality Improvement
    • Professional Behavior and Moral Reasoning
  • Provide a description of your project and/or your clinical rotation, including why this project or rotation supports a medically underserved population
  • Provide a description of your current financial needs.

Center for Global Health
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
645. N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1058
Chicago, IL 60611

Natalie Sheneman, Education Program Assistant, Feinberg’s Center for Global Health
Email: natalie.sheneman@northwestern.edu, Phone: 312-503-8804

Upon return from your overseas rotation, you are required to submit either a (1) Reflection Paper or (2) Blog post to “Feinberg Perspectives in Global Health.”  You can upload your blog or reflection via the Deliverable Submission Form here.

Please see below, for the type of content to include in your posts/reflections:

For ALL global health experiences overseas, please respond to one or more of the following prompts:

  1. What drew you to a global health experience at Feinberg?
  2. What are your career aspirations and how does your global health trip enhance those goals?
  3. Short anecdotes from your trip – if you experienced anything particularly meaningful or surprising, or an ethical dilemma
  4. Compare the strengths and weaknesses in the healthcare system you observed and how might the strengths be integrated into the US system.
  5. You may include photos from your trip but please note these must be HIPAA compliant.
  6. If you were overseas for your AOSC Project, or other Research Project, please include:
    • Why you selected your global health rotation or project; the logistics of choosing a project, choosing a partner institution, finding a mentor, and scheduling time to go abroad.

source: https://www.globalhealth.northwestern.edu/education/funding/GHI_TravelGrant.html

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